Maine Telemarketing Law

This page contains information about Maine telemarketing law and Maine telemarketing regulations.  Many states have barriers that must be overcome before you can legally call their residents.  For example, some states have a local telemarketing license and/or a local Do-Not-Call list which is separate from the national DNC.  Virtually all states have some rules which telemarketers must follow when calling residents of those states.

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A short summary of Maine telemarketing law:

Maine Telemarketing Compliance

Maine Telemarketing License

Transient company registration required (Click for possible telemarketing license exemptions)

Maine Telemarketing Bond


Maine Telemarketing Curfew

 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Using Federal Rule)

Maine Telemarketing Fines

$10,000 first violation.
$25,000 second and subsequent violations.

 ME Code Title 10, sec. 1499-B

Maine State Specific DNC List


Does the national DNC list apply?


Maine Telemarketing Laws

Does Maine have any Mandatory Disclosures, Prohibited Statements, or Cancellation Rights?

Yes - consult a telemarketing attorney for guidance.

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