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Federal Compliance

This page contains information about Federal telemarketing law and Federal telemarketing regulations.  All states are subject to the Federal telemarketing rules.  For example, all states must follow the national Do Not Call law list.

A short summary of Federal telemarketing law:
No national/federal telemarketing license is required. However, most telemarketers are required to purchase a SAN (subscription account number) to access the national DNC list. Learn about telemarketing licenses.
Not Required.  Learn about telemarketing bonds.
 Federal Curfew Federal law limits calling from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the recipient's local time zone.
 Federal DNC
Governed by FTC and FCC regulations. Many states incorporate the federal Do Not Call law lists into their own local telemarketing laws. Telemarketing calls to numbers on the federal DNC are prohibited unless you qualify for an exemption such as prior consent or established business relationship.  More DNC laws and exemptions.
 Federal Telemarketing
Initial disclosures: (1) name of caller and business; (2) that purpose of call is to sell; (3) nature of goods/services offered; (4) real telephone number or address. Before taking payment: (5) total cost and quantity; (6) material (important) restrictions/conditions; (7) refund/cancel rights, or lack thereof.  Additional disclosures exist for special offers such as prize promotions.  More telemarketer scripting rules.
 Penalties Up to $41,484 per violation to government; $1,500 per violation to consumer in a private TCPA lawsuit.  More about telemarketing fines. Watch this video for additional info.
 TCPA class actions
TCPA class actions have been on the rise since about 2013.  A TCPA class action is a lawsuit where one consumer seeks to represent himself as well as all other alleged victims of the call campaign.  Learn free tips on defending a TCPA class action lawsuit and FCC TCPA regulations. Click here to learn about new FCC rules